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Rental house/cottage in Ireland

We are traveling to Ireland in late September with out 5 year old son. We only have 8 days and will spend the first 2-3 in Dublin getting acclimated to the new time zone and seeing the sites there. That leaves 5-6 days and we plan to concentrate our time in the southwest around Dingle, Kerry, etc. We like renting houses as our vacation base and would welcome suggestions from fellow travelers of good locations for rentals that can serve as a central point for day trips to see the sites. Specific mentions of houses you may have rented would be great since there seem to be hundreds listed on the various rental sites I have visited. An ideal location would probably be in or near a small town so we will have ready access to restaurants, food, supplies, etc. without having to drive long distances. We would also consider an apartment in a larger city since that would allow us to walk to places. We will be renting a car, so if we rent in a city we need parking and hopefully a location that is not too crazy with traffic (we have experience driving on the "wrong side", but why push your luck with heavy traffic?).

Any suggestions would be very welcome.


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Good time of year to go. I'd get out of Dublin as soon as you can. It's just another big city. Take the bus tour of all the major sites, then get out of Dodge. Self-catering is the way to go. That's what we do. You cook for yourself and save big $$$. Plus use it as a base of operations. Otherwise you spend all your time packing and unpacking. Keep in mind that driving is slow going everywhere. 30 miles = 1 hour.

From DC that's only 5 hours ahead. You can adjust in one day easily. Just stay awake and go to bed 10 pm Ireland time. You wake up feeling Irish. Coming back is the harder time adjustment in my opinion.

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Just one caveat - they like to rent their cottages from Saturday to Saturday. That can be a bit of a bother if you are arriving on a Saturday from the States.

In shoulder season you may encounter more flexibility.

(Actually we will be there then and might try the same thing.)

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We rent from "rent an Irish cottage". The weekly rate is bang on spectacular in the off season (October-March).

We stay in the village of Puckane (going on our 4th year) and use it as our home away from home and as a base to explore out wards from. There is nothing better than knowing that you have a place to return to and not have to worry about securing accomodations while on the road.

Self catering is what they call it and it is the best way to stay in Ireland IMO.