rent a GPS in Norway, Sweden, Denmark?

A friend and I are traveling from Copenhagen to Oslo and on up into southern Norway May 24 - June 2. We are renting a car at the Copenhagen airport and will be taking iPhones and iPads with us. Do we need to rent a GPS at the Copenhagen airport car rental place or will the Google Maps or the map on our iPad have enough information about Copenhagen and Oslo, in particular, to help us get into and out of the cities and find our way in the countryside?

Posted by Andre L.
Tilburg, Netherlands
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Google Maps has excellent coverage of Scandinavia but... it requires large data roaming traffic which is prohibitively expensive. There is a very easy go-around: go to iTunes and buy a TomTom or Garmin navigation app for your iPad. That way you will have a full offline (doesn't require data traffic) app that gives detailed navigational instructions AND can be used to locate POIs and what else. It will be much cheaper than any GPS rental and - importantly - you will have time to familiarize yourself with the app BEFORE the trip.