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Related Question about Reservations with a Brit Rail Pass

Another question for those who have traveled with a Brit Rail Pass. I asked the Rail Service about the necessity of making train reservations from Heathrow to Bath upon our arrival on an early Sunday morning, and the reply came back that it wasn't necessary but it was recommended. With trains leaving every half hour from Paddington, is it still a good idea to make reservations? Looks like you have to pay extra to do so.

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The trains are only hourly on a Sunday morning and some may be extended into the West Country - for example the first train of the day to Bath goes to Plymouth and sometimes all the way to Penzance. Having said that, they are not filled to capacity in general in my experience on a typical Sunday morning. Coach E (and F if there is one) is always totally unreserved. I presume you are going to travel into Paddington and out again as BritRail passes are not valid on the Railair Coach to Reading - joining a train at its starting point is easier for locating seats / luggage space. Shouldn't be a charge for reservations on rover/pass tickets, unless this has changed - but maybe agents can/do from outside the UK.