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Regents Park

My girlfriend and I are going to be in London in July and will most likely have to take a cab to get to the airport on time. Does anyone know how much we should expect to pay from Regents Park to Heathrow? How speedy and timely is the Undergound, I know that we are very close to a station, but we will most likely be in a rush to leave?

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Pablo - in a couple of words a taxi will cost you 'an arm and a leg'. Is there a problem in getting organised in plenty of time to catch the Heathrow Express??

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Don't do a cab. We have been to London more than 40 times and only had to use a cab once- on the day of the bombings. The Underground (Tube) or the Heathrow Express are easy to use. Where are you staying? I'd think take the tube to Paddington then catch the Express (15 min to Heathrow) would be the most time effcient, but doing the Tube all the way would be cheapest (probalbly 45min to 1 1/4 hrs).