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Realistic Timeline: LHR->Hotel->Evensong @ Westminster

Will be arriving on BA from PRG to LHR on a Thursday in October at 2:00 PM. Planning on taking the tube from LHR to Covent Garden stop and checking in at hotel (Waldorf Hilton on Aldwych). Would like to attend Evensong at Westminster at 5:00 PM. Does this seem realistic?

Also, thinking we would do the London Eye afterwards - is it better to purchase tickets in advance for a Thursday evening or just get them when we get there? Thanks so much for your feedback!

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Just depends on whether your flight arrives on time. If you aren't bringing just a carry-on, you may have to add some more time waiting to get your luggage. And the London Tube is always unpredictable - especially around rush hours as I've been onboard trains that have been stopped for lengthy amounts of times, or announcements are made for everyone to get off and switch lines. But if all goes smoothly, definitely try to get there because Evensong at Westminster is great.

I only waited about 5 minutes at the counter at London Eye just before sunset in the middle of the summer tourist season to get my ticket. I don't think you'd have a problem just walking up on a Thursday night in October and getting a ticket immediately.

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It can take as much as an hour to clear immigration/passport control at LHR. It will take nearly an hour to get to Covent Garden by Tube. It will take around 15 minutes to get from Covent Garden to Westminster by Tube. If your plane is on time, you get out of LHR in a timely manner, and you're able to check into your hotel fairly quickly, you might make it.

For a weekday evening in October there should be no need to book London Eye tickets in advance. Besides, the weather might not be in your favor and you could decide to wait until another day.

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I think you are too tight on time to be at the Abbey by 5:00 but you could make it so plan to and have a backup activity in case you are too late. A walk in St James park to the Duck Pond Bridge would be good and then the London Eye afterwards.You should not need to buy London Eye Tickets in advance.

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If you do run late you can always go to the 7:00 service at St. Clemence Dane which is a beautiful church situated where Fleet Street joins Alwych.

It's the church that is mentioned in the nursery rhyme 'Oranges and Lemons, say the bells of St Clemence'