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Radio Station to listen to in Ireland?

We'll be driving around Irelnad in a few weeks. Can anyone recommend a radio station to listen to? I'd love to be able to listen to some traditional music as we look at the countryside. I have some CDs, but was hoping to avoid adding them to the luggage.

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It's not great. You'll have a choice of a few stations and that's about it. And if it's on the weekend, no doubt the radio will be filled with broadcasts of sporting events that you will find incomprehensible.

The same broadcasts tend to appear at multiple points on the dial. Some of them are in Irish. Ooops.

CD's are not a bad choice. I've not seen a rental car in Ireland with an aux connection for an iPod, but it's been a couple of years.

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Try this internet radio station:

Ironically, unless you bring a computer and find WiFi access, you can probably listen much easier at home than in Ireland!

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Thanks for the replies. I was hoping for stations that we can listen to in the car, instead of internet radio. I'll listen to those before we leave.

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There is a station,Mid-west Irish Radio, that you can receive in the Mayo/Connemara area at 96.1 FM. I am not sure how wide an area it covers. There are several RTE stations in the 92-96 FM range. Try RTE 1 on the internet and you can get an idea of their wide range of programs. From sports to opera ,traditional music,short stories, talk shows, programs for almost everyone.


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Do a google search for "irish radio frequencies" and you will find what you are looking for.

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Hi,, Kristi:
I currently live in Dublin and I enjoy listening to RTE Lyric which has classical, popular, folk and is what I think of as a 'classy" radio station. Enjoy your trip.

All the best,

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Clare FM if your in the West of Ireland is the best local station to listen to.

Lots of local info weather and the music is pretty good.

I listen to RTE in Gaelic which is a must even if you don't speak it.

(I do)