"relaxing in Ireland"

My college daughter and her boyfriend are planning their 10 day break during their semester abroad. They will be traveling from Rome. She would like to go to Ireland. Why, I'm not sure. What would be the "must sees" for a young couple? I know Dublin will be important for them but am unsure as what else would catch their attention. They will have to rely on public transportation. They have 10 days to travel. They had thought about doing Spain as well but I think they will have to choose one or the other. Any suggestions?

Posted by Debra
Celina, TX, USA
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I found that I quite liked Dingle. Beautiful scenery and outdoor activities: biking and hiking. Also, there is a lively music scene. A local pub is owned by a man married to a fellow Texan.

Posted by Nancy
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There are so many great things to see and do in Ireland! Why don't you send them a guidebook and let them pick out some things to see? If they narrow down a list, we can be of more help in suggesting what they have time for.

Posted by Claudia
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Why? Maybe they studied about "The Troubles." Or because the Irish are friendly, there's an intriguing history, stunning countrysides, fabulous music, quaint villages, vibrant Capital, castles and anthropological wonders galore. They're college students. Everything is an adventure and quite possibly they've heard great things about Eire from their friends.

Posted by Robin Z
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Have your daughter purchase a guidebook on Ireland (no need for you to send her one)that way she and her boyfriend can decide what interests them. They can also pull up Ireland on the internet. It's a good possibility that they would really enjoy the Dingle area.

Posted by Ken
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I'm assuming that they will only be going to Ireland. If they are trying to hit other locations, I'd say they should give Ireland a pass on this trip. Public transportation is not as good in Ireland and in many other parts of Europe. Dingle is very relaxed but it's a real stretch to get there efficiently. They would really need to study the bus and train schedules before venturing this far. I recall that getting to Dingle would require two bus trips from the closest rail station but I could be wrong. From my experience the trains seem to all run to and from Dublin. To get anywhere off this line, it's necessary to go back to Dublin and take a new line. Dublin is worth a few days. There are also some great day trips that can be done out of Dublin the Newgrange/Knowth and Glendalough. There is a good bus and train schedule to Galway with a trip to the Aran Islands that can be done either as an overnighter or daytrip from there. There are also other daytrips out of there to the western sights. There is a good train from Dublin to Belfast but I think the options are limited if depending on public transportation. I agree with the comments that they should get a guidebook. The thing I like about the RS books is that he gives you his opinions on what to do with so many days in a country. For better or worse, you have something to start with. Most other guidebooks seem to overwhelm me with "it's all great, see it all." This, of course, can't be done.

Posted by Mary
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Hi, I can answer the why, it is a beautiful country. The people are friendly, up for a bit of a laugh. Dublin is not one of my favorite areas, I have never relied on the trains there so not sure the best option. Galway, Salthill, Aran Islands are good options. Kilkenny also has train service from Dublin. Mary