"Doctor Who Experience" in Cardiff...

It's me, again! We'll be in Cardiff in May and ds is excited to be seeing the "Doctor Who Experience" (he's a HUGE fan!). If anyone here has gone to this DW "museum", what are your feelings about it? Big crowds? Long lines? Morning visit -vs- afternoon? Online Ticket purchase -vs- point of visit? We are going, no matter what. We just want to be prepared!! I appreciate any replies and suggestions!

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hi, cool. didnt know about this. another one to add to my list. happy trails.

Posted by Christopher
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I went while the exhibition was in London, during the time they were building in Cardiff. If you're a big fan its pretty cool. Lots of Classic Who things as well including every Doctors Costume and all the different Daleks. I wanted to buy a Tom Baker scarf but it wasn't in the gift shop.

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Good questions. Unfortunately we're not going until July (my daughter is a HUGE fan) so I'm also hoping someone will chime in with advice. But in case you aren't aware of them, BritMovieTours offers walking and bus tours of Cardiff area Doctor Who locations, and moviemaps.org is a good place to look up filming sites. There are Days Out 2FOR1 coupons for the bus tour, but I had trouble using them (I think the slots were already taken). Nonetheless, when I asked about it they did give me a bit of a discount, so it's worth inquiring about if the 2FOR1 code doesn't work. Have fun!

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I also went in London, but in late November when it was dead. I went at the end of the day, which probably made it even deader, so maybe that is a good idea for beating crowds? Anyway, it was great fun.

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We went when it was in London. We went around Christmas and didn't really have much of a wait at all. I'd guess that you wouldn't have too much problem in Cardiff in May, but can't say for sure. If you do go, please post again to this thread and let us know your experience. Thanks.