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Question on CDW

I apologize, but what is CDW? I will be driving when I am in Ireland. If my credit card does not offer insurance is CDW the insurance I buy in Ireland? Do I get it from the company I rent the car from? How do I know how much coverage to get? Thanks for the help!

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CDW stands for collision damage waiver. Your credit card probably doesn't cover you while in Ireland, so you'll get insurance from the place where you rent your car. You don't have to decide how much coverage to buy -- it's set by the company.

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Although it will cost about an extra 100 euros for a week get the super cdw insurance. It basically covers everything but the tires and,if only for the peace of mind,is worth it. If you manage to knock off a side mirror or a wheel cover,both of which are very common, it has paid for itself.The car rental company offers it.