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Purchase Train/Bus Tickets Online or at Station

I will be heading to Ireland in 2 weeks!! I am travelling from Dublin to Tralee to meet up with some folks for a week of hiking in the Dingle Peninsula. After that, up to Galway for a few days, then back to Dublin for a few days. I am just planning on taking the train from Dublin to Tralee; bus from Tralee to Galway; train from Galway to Dublin. Any suggestions about if it's better to purchase the tickets online vs at the station?

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Depends on if you're using cash or credit/bank card. If you're using cash to buy the tickets, then wait until you get there. Cash is cheaper. If you're using a card, it doesn't matter. You're still charged the same bank fees because you're using plastic. If I were you, I'd book online (IF you're using a cc). I like to be prepared and I like to know I have a seat.

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At times, booked early, 60 days or more out, bus tickets can be on sale, as well as train tickets. Last year I scored a 9Pound bus ticket from Edinburgh to London by booking early. This year, I got a train ticket -Inverness to St. Pancreas for half price, booking early through Virgin trains. So, discounts can be there and as said before, you are assured a seat on the train/bus you want to ride on. I know this was in the UK, but it applies to Ireland also. I have bought tickets online and picked them up at the station, saving a mailing charge. Now days, some bus lines and train lines let you print your own ticket and bring it with you. (Think Eurostar)

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Hi. I just purchased tix from Dublin to Galway online. There is a sale on. You can collect tix at Heuston Station in Dublin. You will save money over cash this way. BTW: there is a slightly cheapter option: you can take the bus from Dublin to Galway for, I think, 10 Euros. Incredible deal. It's called Gobus (I think). We're going to do that going back to Dublin from Galway because you can go directly to the airport. We're staying the last night at an airport hotel prior to flying home, so makes good sense to do this.

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Ireland doesn't offer much train service, so I'd probably go with busses. Busses are cheap, you don't need to book ahead. If you're worried about the bus being sold out buy your ticket at the station a day or two in advance.