purchase cell phone in Oxford

I want to buy a cell phone in Oxford, from Carphone Warehouse if possible. I will be staying at a B&B (Holywell B&B) at 14 Holywell St., Oxford, (in central Oxford, across from New College). When I searched for Carphone Warehouse stores in Oxford, it seemed that they were all about 10 miles from the city center. Is this right? Is there anywhere else to buy a cheap Pay AS You Go phone and get minutes? Thanks.

Posted by Nancy
Bloomington, IL, USA
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I think any of the regular carriers would have PAYG phones. Try Orange or Vodafone. I bought my SIM at Orange, but they also had phones.

Posted by Keith
United Kingdom
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According to their website there is a CW branch on Cornmarket, which is about 5 minutes walk (along Broad Street) from your B&B. If you walk down Cornmaket it will seem like almost every other shop is selling mobile 'phones, so there is plenty of opportunity to look around for the current best deal being offered. You could also look into the city centre branches of Tesco and Sainsbury's to see if they have any cheap PAYG phones - both are also a few minutes from your B&B.

Posted by Ken
Vernon, Canada
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Jacqui, As Keith mentioned, there's a Carphone Warehouse fairly close to your B&B at the corner of Market Street and Cornmarket. I confirmed that with Google Maps Street View, which shows photos taken in June 2012. The route will be to travel down Holywell to Turl, turn left and then right on Market Street. I didn't calculate the distance, but it doesn't look far. Happy travels!