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pub question and young teens

It is my understanding that pubs clear out their diners by 9 pm and youngsters are not allowed back in. Are there any places/suggestions for music experience for my 12 and 15yo?
Thank you

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It depends on the pub and whether you are in Scotland, England or Wales (or Northern Ireland for that matter).
Many pubs will allow under-18s in during the day, but close to under-18s after 8 or 9pm. Other pubs do not have a 'children's license' at all, and never permit under 18s. Usually it will be indicated on the door, and if in doubt e-mail, call or just ask.
Depending on where you are, there many be pubs, theatres, univerisities, local halls etc. with musical events. If you can give us any clues on where you might be, perhaps we can suggest some ideas.