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Printing pics in London

I'm doing a study abroad in London later this summer and one of our assignments will require photographs. Here I just print at home when I need a physical copy of a photograph, but unless I bring a small photo printer with me (not an option I relish the idea of) I will need to have photos printed there. Has anyone done this with digital photos? Any idea how much it might cost? Any ideas where to find information on this?


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Ayla, there are plenty of places in London that will print digital photos in-store from a memory card or CD. Major chain stores that do this include Jessops, Boots and larger branches of Tesco. Expect to pay about 36 cents per 6 x 4 print for a one-hour service, or less if you opt to return and collect the photos the next day. The websites for the stores listed above will give you details of prices and locations.

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Thanks Antony, that's very helpful information--especially the names of the stores.

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Some Boots the Chemist shops have print-your-own equipment, as well.