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Power Adapter/Converter Ireland & UK

I'm going on a trip to England, Scotland, and Ireland. I see adapters/converters that work for "UK." Does that mean Ireland as well? Do I need a seperate adapter for Ireland and another for England/Scotland? I also saw an adapter for "older Irish homes," is there a third adapter I might need?

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The little plug is good for Ireland, Scotland, England, Wales. I've never seen the "older Irish homes" in all my stays in Ireland so I'm guessing that B & Bs have fairly updated electricity.

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Bryan, some clarification on your question would help. You refer to "adapters/converters" as being a single item. These are in fact two different devices, and it would help to clarify which you're referring to.

If your electrical devices are designed for "world" operation (ie: 100-240VAC), then you'll only need PLUG ADAPTERS. The UK (England) version has large rectangular prongs, while the Euro version has two small round prongs. You might check or to determine which plug styles will be used in the areas you're travelling.

If your electrical devices ONLY operate on 115 VAC, then you'll also need a VOLTAGE CONVERTER. There are two principles of conversion used, and it's important to use the proper method of conversion - Transformer with electronic products and solid-state with high wattage devices.

If you could provide some further information, it would help.


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Linda, the plug on the hairdryer I bought in Ireland last year is not little. It is a large three prong plug My Irish plug adapter is also the same configuration. Bryan, if you buy a "world" set of adapters it should come with a voltage converter anyway, so you should be covered if you need it.

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What appliances will you be taking along? Are they absolutely necessary?

You could eliminate the need for convertors/adapter plugs i
f you buy whatever appliance you'll need while you are there. This works particularily well if you frequently travel to the same destination.

I generally don't bother bringing a hairdryer anymore as most hotel rooms either have one or one can be loaned out to you. A flat iron, I can't live without!

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I am concerned only about my new digital camera. I don't plan on bringing anything else that requires plugging in.

I understand there is a difference between adapter and coverter. I was only concerned about the prongs.

I appreciate everyones feedback and advice. Thanks again!

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Go to a Radio Shack. They have everything you need.

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Bryan: You could always go to the nearest dept store in London or Ireland; whichever, you go to first and they have all of the necessary adapters & converters; which are alot better than any I have purchased here in the states. The ones I purchased here have NEVER worked.. please stay away from samsionite and american touristor. Last year I was in your situation,because I finally gave into getting a digital camera and Roches Dept store in Galway (they are also in major towns in Ireland). Be sure to bring an extra re-chargable battery pack. have fun!

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You can buy Dual Voltage hair dryers, curling and flat irons at Target for $12-$30, then you would just need to buy Ricks Adaptor. The package the hair tool comes in should say Dual Worldwide Voltage or something similar - it has a dial that you turn to change the voltage right on the item. Cheaper than buying it when you get there, but you will have to drag it along!!

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Rick sells a little plug adapter for a couple of bucks. It works fine. Buy a handful so you can charge more than one thing at a time.

Anything 'digital' will not need a transformer (camera, cell phone, laptop, etc.)