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Post Ireland trip

I'll be in Ireland for 10 days in Sept and are looking for a post-Ireland trip of 5 or 6 days. Please give some suggestions on some key places to see during this time. I was thinking about Scotland (Edinborough), Wales, or London or Stratford on Avon. We don't want to feel like we are rushing to be somewhere different every day.

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Fly from Dublin to Edinburgh. Take the train to London. Split the time however desired. Alternatively, spend an extra 5 or 6 days in Ireland. There's more than enough to see there for a two week trip.

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You could go up to Northern Ireland and see the Antrim Coast and Belfast, and then take a short flight from Belfast to Edinburgh and visit that city too. Easily done in 5-6 days, and all great places to visit.

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I too am going to Ireland in September. After that I am going to London for 5 days, which will include a day trip tour to Stonehenge and Bath.

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You can easily fill five days in Scotland. Edinburgh (note spelling; ) ) for two days. You can do a day trip to Stirling and explore the castle. Then head to the countryside. There are lots of different places to go. My advice would vary depending on whether you are planning on having a car or not. You don't need or want one in Edinburgh. I would go to Inverness. From there you can explore the local sights and take day trips to many places. If you have a car, I would find a place to stay in Perthshire - maybe near Aberfeldy - and then explore the area. Alternatively, go further west and stay on Mull for 2-3 days. Let us know your interests - history? Whisky? music? photography? outdoor sports? Then we can do a better job of steering you to sights that you'll enjoy. Pam