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Pompeii Exhibit at Brit Museum

I'm off for the UK tomorrow! I'd hoped to catch the Pompeii Exhibit, but advance tickets are sold out for the 3 days I'm in town. I could try to queue for same-day tickets, but I'm not sure I'll arrive in time. Is it worth attempting? Has anyone tried this? How early did you have to queue? Thanks!

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I went to this exhibit towards the end of the Easter school holidays. I didn't have advance tickets - so queued for the daily tickets that they make available. I arrived after 9am, queued and got tickets timed for about 10.45am, which was the earliest available when I got to the front of the queue (which wasn't very long). Don't think there is a problem most days, although I suppose you could hit a bad day when lots of people turn up for the daily tickets. (I'm hoping to do the Bowie exhibition in a couple of weeks - I believe that is trickier.)

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Hi Katy. Thanks for the info. I might give it a go if I get through customs and to the hotel in a timely fashion. Otherwise sounds like I could try Thursday. Thanks!

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Did you get a ticket? I've heard this exhibition is fantastic. I'm so excited about it that I bought my advance ticket last week for a date in mid-June just to make sure I didn't miss it!