Places to stay near Heathrow

I'm looking for an inexpensive, but not dumpy hotel near Heathrow for my last night in the UK. My flight home leaves at 10:25 am. Any suggestions? Thanks,

Posted by Darren
Galt, Calif., UK
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Take a look at Premier Inn on Bath road, they can have good rates if you book in advance.

Posted by Laura
Virginia, USA
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Any hotel on the "Heathrow Hotel Hoppa" would be fine. If you go to this site, and click on the "Pick ups and drop offs" for your terminal, you can see the list of hotels that are served by the Hoppa bus. You could also consider staying in London along the Piccadilly line and taking the tube to the airport. Alternatively you could stay at Paddington and take the Heathrow Express. I often stay near Earls Court (45 minutes by tube) when flying out of Heathrow. Staying in London lets one to enjoy the evening in London.

Posted by Laura
Fredericksburg, TX, USA
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I have stayed at the Ibis hotel. Room was small but serviceable, clean, not pricey, very friendly bar staff. The regular public busses go from there to lhr for free. Don't pay for the Hoppa. Look at about Lhr transport and you can see what bus to take and where as well as a list of airport hotels. There were 3 or 4 different busses that went by the hotel. I got on with no waiting both from Heathrow central and from the hotel back to the airport. Very easy!