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Pickpocket in dark tunnels Nice to Italy

Be very careful on trains out of France to Italy as the tunnels are long and the trains are not lit...I have been in europe 6x'S and never had a problem ...but they got my wallet just outside on Ventimiglia in Italy alond with 2 credit cards some cash and drivers license...

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Woody, you might want to post this on the To The Boot or To the West Forum. You've posted on the Forum that looks at Great Britain, and Scandinavia. ; ) Pam

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As a theft preventer, I used to carry my wallet in my front pocket. Now, after purchasing a travel vest with about 15 or pockets on it, plus 3 inside pockets, I keep wallet, passport and all cash in it. To steal from me, they would have to take the entire vest off. Inside pockets also have zippers. Looks a bit funky, but I have seem several people in Paris wearing them, soooo, they seem to be ok.

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I use the vest. The only problem with it is it's too hot in warm weather. The chest pockets are easier to access than a purse is. The vest does say "tourist" unless you happen to be in a fishing area.

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Woody, you should post this in SCAM ALERT for most travelers to see as a warning. Sorry for your loss, guess it was a lesson learned, but not a fun one.

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I carry a decoy wallet in my back pocket. It's an old beatup one that I use carry some hand wipes. It also gives a pickpocket a target. I've never had it taken but I felt an attempt and disrupted it.

I carry a few euro in cash in my front pants pocket or in a buttoned pocket on cargo pants. Anything more than the cost of our next meal or a few drinks is safely under my clothes. That's where my bank cards stay unless I know I'll need them.

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I've been between Ventimiglia and Monaco many times recently and I've never seen the lights off unless the conductor has been a few seconds late (rarely) and have never seen any problems...