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Photography okay at Shakespeare's Globe?

I'm thinking of seeing a play at Shakespeare's Globe and wonder if photography is permitted inside the buidling and/or during performances (I am assuming that flash is not permitted.) Does anyone know?

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I took a tour of the Globe last summer and it was OK to take pictures inside during the tour. I would follow Elaine's advice and check their website regarding the policy during performances, though.

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"if photography is permitted inside the building and/or during performances"

During a performance, you won't exactly be "inside the building" (although all seats are covered, unless you're in with the groundlings).

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I volunteer at the Globe. The policy is:

Still photography of the theatre is allowed before and after the play and during the interval, but not while actors are on stage. Filming moving footage is not allowed at any time.

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Thanks all, and for the answer Phillip. I had scoured the Globe website and the FAQ before posting the question and couldn't find it anywhere :-)

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You should be too into it to want to take pictures during! :)

As well, a google search should turn up pictures from the production you see, which is nice for the memories. My desktop picture is from As You Like It, and I just did a google picture search for it.

Do see something!