Paying for bus tickets in England

Has anyone experience in buying bus tickets and paying the driver rather than paying in advance online. I'm thinking of companies like StageCoach Buses, rather than National EXpress!

Posted by Ed
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Sure, for the short-haul commuter, or country to town type things. The specific question is?

Posted by Marilyn
Eugene, Oregon, USA
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Sorrry, my question is can you always count on being able to buy a ticket from the driver,

Posted by Ed
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Limited experience just hooking together hiking segments, but yes, stand by the pole, the bus stops, no need for exact change. I've no idea if there is an annual pass or something. Nor do I have any ideas what lines I've used.

Posted by Marco
Oxford, United Kingdom
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Any particular location? Some for example might require the exact fare in cash.

Posted by Nigel
East Midlands, England
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It does vary from place to place. I'm afraid the question is still pretty dern broad. In London, for example, if the route number on the sign is on a yellow background no tickets can be purchased on board. Buses are privatised in the UK now and they all have their own rules. If you had provided some detail perhaps one of us would have experience to share.

Posted by Brian
Los Angeles, California
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We used our Oyster card on the london busses. I did notice a few (small minority) London bus stops had very large signs instructing you to buy tickets before entering- may have been selected routes. Did not investigate further as it didnt affect me, sorry