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passport restrictions

Steves' 2008 guide to England states that passport must be valid at least 6 months past date of return to states. I find no such requirement posted by US or Great Britain. Can anyone explain? Thanks

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It depends on which country issues the passport.

The USA is not a country that causes us concerns. So long as you leave before your passport expires you will be fine.

( there are very few cases of American citizens entering the UK illigally, or seaking refugee status, or seeking political exile, nor do we class the American government as an 'unstable regime' and the USA is not classed as a hostile state. In fact, generally speaking we consider you guys borderline civilised - even though you drive on the right and don't play cricket )

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For most countries in Europe you need three months validity left on your passport. Germany and the UK have no "validity" requirement; you just need to leave the country before it expires.