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passport in B&B

Hello all! I consider myself to be a pretty good traveler after studying abroad and working abroad, but this is the first time I am staying in small B&Bs in Ireland. I don't carry my passport with me for daily activities (only a copy) and I have never had any trouble. However, I have before had a safe or a locking desk drawer or someplace to lock my passport, extra cash, etc during the day. Is it OK to leave my passport in my room at a B&B (small, family run) if I have it hidden or have any of you encountered safes/locking drawers in a B&B before? I know the rooms lock, but just wanted some feedback.

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Frankly I see nothing wrong with it, and no I have never encountered a safe nor a locking drawer at any of the dozens of B&B's I've stayed in during my trips to the UK and Ireland. I stash my passport my suitcase (always in the same place..because I'm old and I forget things), shut my suitcase and leave. No worries.

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I agree with Laurel, you could just leave it in your luggage. Most of the time I keep my in my money belt, but I have left it in my luggage in B&B's.

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Excellent! Thank you. I know it was kind of a silly question, but I just wanted to be sure I wasn't crazy. Thanks again!