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passing thru customs in Dublin

We will be flying from Nice in France to Dublin, and assume we will have to pass through customs when we arrive. I've heard this is a lengthy experience in Paris - what is it like in Dublin? We won't get in until 22:10, so how soon can we get on to our hotel?

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I just went through customs in Dublin in May. You collect your luggage and go to the customs booth where the agent asks what is the purpose of your trip and how long you will be staying. He stamps your passport and unless you have something to declare you just follow the signs and exit the terminal. It probably took 10 minutes at the most from the time I got my luggage until I walked out the front door.


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We went in June 2007 they stamped our Passport as soon as we got off the plane, We picked up our bags and we were out ouf there

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Unless something about you raises a flag with security or passport control, the biggest chunk of your time at any airport is going to be spent in line, waiting. Those lines will usually be shorter at less frequented airports. But, any airport will be busy when several flights arrive within a few minutes of each other. And, in any case, if you are the last of 350 people to get off a flight, you will be waiting on the 349 people ahead of you.

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Customs and passport check are completely different entities - although most people seem to confuse them. All incoming passengers go first through passport - EXCEPT if you travel to Ireland from the UK you do not have a passport check. This goes back to a 1948 law of agreement between the two countries. However, everyone has to go through customs. If you walk out through the green line - northing to declare - the check is frequently random.

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France and the Republic of Ireland are both Eu members, so Customs and Passport formalities are minimal. It is more like an internal flight in USA. Coming from a non-EU country (eg USA)is different and you will have to go through Customs (minimal requirements, probably just walk through a declare or no declare gate) and have your passport inspected at immigration.