Paris attraction security lines

We will be in Paris this July and will be using the Paris Museum Pass. This will be our daughter's first visit so we will be seeing many of the main sights. A recent post pointed out the pass can help you avoid long lines to purchase tickets but not the security line. Are there separate security line(s) for visitors that don't have bags to be searched ? Any other strategies to employ to get through security checkpoints quickly would be welcome.

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hi, yes, the pass will bypass the tickets but not security. EVERYONE goes thru security! RS books covers all of this info and hints to make it easier. if you list where youre going, it could others could give hints. this is a simple rule of thumb (ROT) that i use and its common since. > the most popular attractions - get their fist thing in the am and see the most popular thing(s) first. IE. If you go to the Louve, once you get thru security, b-line it to the Mona Lisa. then once you seen it, then work your way to the other stuff. at some places, they segregated men from women since women had their purses/bags to scan and took more time then men. happy trails.

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Others have posted here that if you enter the Louvre via the shopping mall instead of the pyramid, you have a much shorter security line (sorry I don't have more details, but a search here should find them). For Ste. Chappele, it's in the criminal courts complex, so the only way to minimize the security line is to get there first thing. Not only is the security line shorter, but it's less crowded - you can even get a seat! Just as Ray said, for things that are going to be very crowded, you want to get there early even with a pass. But other then the two above, Musee D'Orsay, and Versailles, lines (for both tickets and security) are not usually a big issue.

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Last time I was at the Orsay (about 4 years ago), there was a separate security line, around on the right side as you face the entrance, for passes and members. The Carousel entrance to the Louvre is usually the short security line.