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Packing for England

I'll be in England from September to December and I'd love any suggestions on how to pack light for the cold and the wet.

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A good quality water-resistant outer garment that is also wind-resistant but not bulky. For warmth in Nov and Dec you will want layers, not a bulky outer garment.

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I have visited the UK every Nov/Dec for the past 20 years. I wear a pair of black or kakhi colored cotton blend pants and pack 2 or 3 more. I wear a long sleeve T or turtle neck and a "big shirt" over it and pack 2 more Ts and 1 more big shirt or sweater. I take a lined windbreaker or a water resistant slightly heavier coat. Layers are the key. On really cold days wear a T, a pull over sweater, the big shirt and your coat. Pack GOOD gloves and either a hat or better, a hooded knit scarf. Good warm socks and COMFORTABLE walking shoes in black. Throw in a cool dressy scarf- or buy there and you are set for just about anything.

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Silk underwear is my "must-take" layering item - it packs really small and is very warm. Wintersilks has a good collection of different lengths and weights for both top and bottom. On our trip to Stratford-upon-Avon last April I wore silk turtlenecks under a long-sleeved shirt to stay warm. And a black cashmere cardigan bought on sale from Penney's was warm but light; I tucked it into my purse when the day warmed up.
Have a great trip!

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Take gloves,, I went in March one year and the sleet was horrid, it was so cold (the damp makes the cold , colder, LOL) that although I had enough layers,, I had forgotten gloves and a warm hat. I never wear them at home, and our weather is not that dissimilar, but the wind and the damp, well, it can be bone chilling!
Luckily I had packed a scarf which I ended up wrapping around my head one day, like an old Russian grandmother, oh well, it wasn't like I'd see anyone I know!

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It's really just a matter of personal preference but I'd at least consider a pair of lightweight wool mittens.

Mittens are generally a little warmer than gloves since your fingers can keep each other warm. (At least this is what the ski instructor told us...) You could also throw in some of those little "hot shot" warming packs if it gets really cold as it often can by the seaside in late Fall.

I've often appreciated a wool hat or at least a lightweight wool scarf to wrap over my ears. Keep in mind that a high percentage of heat loss is through your head.

You might even come across a Wool Shop that specializes in fine Eirann Jumpers. So if you're not allergic, you might want to save room in your carry-on to bring one of these beauties home!

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An "Eirann Jumper" refers to a specialty type of sweater navite to certain areas of Ireland/UK. They call sweaters there "Jumpers".
Here's an idea/suggestion. Watch a little British Television before you go. You'll get an idea of life in the UK. Well, maybe not all that realistic if you watch Corrie (Coronation Street) but still you will pick up on some of the lingo. Check out BBC World News if you get the channel and it will help you learn a little about life there and the surrounding areas.
It also helps give you an ear for their pronounciation of the British English language. (This is especially helpful for someone if English is their second language.)

Have a great trip and fly safe!