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Hello...first time posting. Husband and I are going to England,Scotland, and Ireland for the first time (2 weeks) in early July. Following weather reports from over there, but just wondering what we will really need in regards to warm clothing? Will a all-weather jacket and jeans be enough for these Florida people? Also, do we exchange money when we get there? Heard its cheaper that way...Thanks!

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Layers....we Floridians need layers to accommodate the variety of weather possibilities! Jeans are fine with a light jacket & rain slicker. If it gets too chilly, just buy a hoodie & you will have a souvenir to wear when you get back home. Suggest you take an ATM/debit card to withdraw pounds from a cash machine. Your bank may charge a slight fee but usually not much. I never "exchange" money; just use the ATM card as you would at home for cash. Good idea to let bank & credit cards companies know you're traveling; most cards have an online system for this. Have a lovely trip! Cathy
Gainesville, Florida 6/24/13

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Just a reminder: pounds in England, Scotland and NORTHERN Ireland. Euros in Ireland. Potentially cool and damp in all locations.

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I'm not a big fan of traveling with jeans - they get wet in light rain and take forever to dry, plus are heavy in your suitcase.

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I take a pair of tights, to wear alone or to layer; a camisole, a light-weight sweater. And I always think in terms of things I can layer under the sweater. I'm going during the last two weeks of July and I will also take a light shawl. It may be warm. One June was warm, but during every other trip to the UK, May thru July, I've been cold and damp at some point and I pack accordingly. You can't necessarily run out and find out-of-season clothes in your size and color and besides who wants to spend holiday time shopping for something you'll wish you'd packed.
Don't exchange money at all--it costs more than using an ATM machine. I take two cards, and my husband takes another one in case one card doesn't work. I reduce the amount of the fees by making fewer trips and getting more money each time.

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If that jacket is much more than a shell, it's going to be too much - - way too much is you put something under it. I muck around a good bit in northern Scotland during the coldest months and have never needed anything more than a rain shell and a light fleece. If it's really miserable I swap out my regular hat for a wool watch cap, but you're not going down that road. Watch the sterling consumption on your itinerary. Northern Ireland and Scotland notes aren't accepted too far from their borders. English notes spend everywhere.

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Look at Their clothes are expensive. However, my wife bought 2 pairs of their pants. They are amazing. She washed them in the sink. We rolled them in a towel, and I stomped around on them. She hung them up, and they were dry the next morning. Pants that dry overnight is pretty amazing. She only took 2 pair for the trip. I took 2 pair from the same company. I never washed them, just kept surface cleaning with a damp cloth. I would never think of wearing a pair of pants for 2 weeks at home, but these just kept going. They did not stretch out or lose their shape. They were expensive though.
We have been to the places you mention at the same times. I wear short sleeve knit shirts and carry a sleeveless sweater. You also need a jacket, waterproof if possible. I have taken a long sleeve shirt several times and have never worn it. I have worn shorts a few times too. I think jeans will be too hot. I just carried a pair of jeans for a month in England and France. I finally put them on in Dallas before we went home. I'm finished carrying jeans.