Oyster Peak vs. Non-Peak Calucations

Yet another Oyster card question, although I think I understand the gist of the card. I'm planning on buying Oyster cards for my husband and I (or perhaps zone 1-6 travelcards if we decide to do the London Eye that night so that we can get 2 for 1) for our travel from Heathrow to Westminster, then to Wimbledon and Hampton Court. We arrive very early in the morning, so our first trip into London will be during "peak" hours. We will still be traveling off-peak the rest of the day, though. So my question is - does your "peak" and "off-peak" travel get calculated separately or would the maximum payment be the peak price if you travel at all during peak times? Similar question, the next day we'll want an Oyster card for sure because we will probably just make one Zone 1 tube trip during peak in the morning and then 2 tube trips during off-peak times. So all of those trips would be calculated separately and most likely not even come to the cap amount for that day, right?

Posted by Laura
Virginia, USA
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You are charged the Oyster rate for a single fare until you reach the cap. Usually, it only takes 3 to 4 trips before you hit the daily cap. If all of your trips are during offpeak times, the Oyster caps at the fare for the equivalent offpeak travelcard. If any are during peak, then it caps at peak. Transport For London rates

Posted by Nigel
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Where are you getting your first day 1-6 Travelcard from when you land and want to use the Days Out 2 for 1 promotion? I only ask because those purchased at London Underground ticket offices or machines don't count for the promotion. There is no National Rail ticket office at Heathrow - the Heathrow Express and Heathrow Connect don't count either - so there is no opportunity to buy a 1-6 Travelcard at Heathrow with the National Rail "crows feet" logo on it. No logo - no discount.