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Oyster Card for Three-Day Pass?

My impression is that the 3-day pass does not go on the Oyster Card. I have an Oyster Card leftover from last year and really liked using it. Would the three-day pass be cheaper than just loading say 15-30 GBP on the Oyster? I guess I can ask in London, but there is often a big line of people when buying Tube transit and I'm usually in some sort of hurry.

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A 3-day pass is £16.40 for Zones 1-2. Whether or not it's cheaper depends on how much you'll be using the Tube. If you're only going to take two rides a day, putting £10 on the Oyster would be a cheaper option as it will only cost £1-1.50 per ride with the Oyster. However, daily price capping (the max you will be charged) for an Oyster in Zone 1 is £6.10 for Peak, £4.60 for Off-Peak (after 9:30 AM). Just depends on when and how much you're traveling.