Oxford walking tours

Any comments on the various Oxford walking tour alternatives? Under consideration: Visit Oxford University and City tour, Visit Oxford Inspector Morse tour, Oxford Walking Tours walking tour, and the three durations of Bodleian Libraries tours. If some of you have taken more than one of the above, can you comment on overlap?

Posted by Keith
United Kingdom
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Since nobody else has replied I will try - but I can't be too helpful, I'm afraid. Although I live in Oxford, I've never been on a city walking tour I have, however, done the Bodleian Tour (the 90 minute version, including the Radcliffe Camera) and it was excellent (if quite pricey) - grand architecture and a fascinating history. This tour enters areas the other more general walking tours cannot, so there should be little overlap. I recall there were a lot of stairs to climb if that is an issue for you. As to the more general walking tours, Oxford is a small city and I would imagine "Visit Oxford Univerity and City" and "Oxford Walking Tours" cover pretty much the same ground. Both tours have been around for years and I suspect are as good as each other. No idea about the Morse tour, I expect it is also similar, with perhaps a few more pubs pointed out. It does get a good review on TripAdviser if you are a Morse fan. I have heard people say the HoHo bus tour is a waste of money - so you are probably wise to not be considering that.