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Orkneys in Scotland

Anyone been to the Orkneys? Is it worth spending a day there if we only have 4- 5 nights in Scotland? We are spending 2 nights of the trip in Ediburgh. Any suggestions on which towns to stay in for the other 2-3 nights? Thanks!

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The Orkneys are not a day trip. It's a very long day's drive to the ferry and then a fairly long ferry. And the ferry is weather dependents. Flights exists, but are VERY expensive. You really need a minimum of 3-5 days to dedicate to a trip to make it worthwile.

Outside of Edinburgh, it might be nice to head up to the west coast north of Glasgow. You could get up to Mull as long as you plan your time right, and make sure there are spots available on the ferry. Otherwise there are some pretty spots along the coast. The area around Loch Lomond is quite pretty too.


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Hi, I'd miss Orkney, too far and time consuming.If you don't have a car consider the train jurney to Fort Willam.Very scenic journey, could be done as a day trip day-return is £21. Fort William is a working town at the foot of the highest uk mountain.The coastal fishing villages of Fife , are worth a look, only about 50 milesaway. There are boat trips from Anstruther, and the best fish and chip shop in the UK, right on the harbour side.

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Debbie, I second the motion to go to Inverness. We bussed there from Edinburgh in October, 2001, and we loved the town--charming, easy to walk, good shopping. We took a couple of day tours there with Puffin Express (, run by a married couple, the Dunnetts, very kind and knowledgeable, with reasonably priced tours. They run tours through mid-October--then they take off to explore the world on their own.

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Consider Inverness. Great city and nice day or 1/2 day trips- Culloden battelfied, Loch Ness, Castle Urquart, a cruise on the Forth..... Lots to do, pretty and lots of good shopping and eating!!!!!

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The Orkneys are stunning in their starkness and there are amazing Neolithic sites (Skara Brae, Maes Howe), Kirkwall, Churchill Barrier & Italian POW camp (WW II), Scapa Flow (graveyard for WWI ships) , but I don't think you have time as Kate mentioned.