Orangeman's Day Driving Belfast to Portrush Issues

Hi, we are planning to depart Belfast on July 12,2013-Orangeman's Day, and drive the coastal route to Portrush. I noted a comment a while back about that route not being a good idea on July 12. Anybody have input about the impacts of the parades, etc on that route? Thanks

Posted by Cynthia
Gig Harbor, Washington, USA
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Your question seems important. Since you haven't received any responses, you might need to try a different forum where folks might have specific information - perhaps tripadvisor's northern Ireland forum?

Posted by Dan
Silverdale, Washington, USA
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Just don't wear your rosary beads!

Posted by Nancy
Santa Maria, California, USA
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Maybe just ask the people you meet in Belfast. A few years ago we made our first overseas trip to Ireland. We were traveling clockwise and reached Westport on July 11, planning to enter Northern Ireland on the 12th. But everyone we met in the Westport pub strongly advised, "Do NOT go to Northern Ireland on Orangeman's Day!" They seemed genuinely worried, so instead we went to Sligo and Donegal on Orangeman's Day and entered Northern Ireland the following day. No problems then.
(The Giant's Causeway is very special and Portrush reminded us of a surf town, like Santa Cruz.)