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One Day Trip - Windsor vs Oxford vs Cambridge vs Stonehenge

Hi All,

We are visiting london for 1st time this april. we will have 5 days to spend. Ideally we would love to do one day trip (have a 11 month old ,so one maybe more than we can handle) and i am totally confused which would be a good city to visit. All of them look beautiful , and since we have been to any we are wide open.

Any suggestions on which would best to visit/ can we combine maybe 2 in same route ?

Thank you for your help in advance


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Please put your question in the England Q&A Forum. You have landed up in the To The North Forum which has been closed and desupported for several years.

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Not sure what Nigel is talking about, or maybe it's been moved, cause it showed up in the all topics list.

Anyway. If you are looking to visit another "city" then Oxford or Cambridge would be best. Stonehenge is obviously an amazing site but clearly not a city. And harder to get to by public transportation. Without a car I think most people go on a tour, which I would think not good with a baby. Windsor is mostly the castle. The village is cute enough, but not really special. The castle is of course, amazing, but if you do choose that make sure you get tickets in advance. Both Cambridge and Oxford are beautiful smaller cities, both easily visited by public transportation on a day trip from London. Here's my photos of them, see which looks best to you.

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Nigel's right

SR - you should post this on the England Forum and delete this post.

I also use the "All Topics" view which is why I saw this. A lot regulars only visit specific forums and you'll get fewer responses here.