One Day From Travemunde--Lubeck, Hamburg

I am hoping to take a Baltic cruise in July 2014 that has Travemunde as a port of call with the ship docked for 12 hours. To those who have traveled through or otherwise know northern Germany, I welcome suggestions on how you, based on your experience, would spend the day. Lubeck is an obvious answer, but a question is how many hours does one really need to see Lubeck. Hence, the options would seem to be the following: 1. Go to Lubeck, spend a leisurely day. 2. Go to Lubeck, spend a few hours in the city, and then take the 40 minute train ride to Hamburg for a whirlwind tour of the city. Why would I want to go to Hamburg? The principal reason is just to get a feel for Germany's second biggest and most prosperous city, though the Miniatur Wunderland sounds very interesting. My inclination is option one, which, knowing the proclivities of most who visit this forum, I expect to be the overwhelming favorite of those who care to respond. But I have been surprised before by insightful responses on this forum, so I thought I at least would ask.

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