Old Cemetery/Graveyard in central London

Hello all. My husband and I like checking out an old Cemetery, graveyards. We like the old headstones and how old they are. Do you know of any that are close to the central core of London? Or if it's a bit out, then do you know the bus route and how long it takes to get to it. We will be bussing it. Thanks all.

Posted by Philip
London, United Kingdom
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.As implied in previous answers there are no old graveyards in central London as they were removed for hygienic purposes in the Victorian era. Postman's Park has memorial tablets to people who died trying to save others but isn't an actual graveyard. Highgate is definitely worth visiting.

Posted by Cynthia
Gig Harbor, Washington, USA
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One of my hobbies is reading about medieval London, so Crossbones graveyard, near Southwark Cathedral, was a site that intrigued me when we were planning our most recent trip to London. Unfortunately, we didn't have enough time to visit all the sites on my lengthy list, so we didn't get there. However, if you google it, you will find its location and history.

Posted by Katy
London, UK
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There are a couple close to the City of London - Postmans Park and Bunhill. Postmans Park has a wall where acts of heroic self-sacrifice are memorialsed. The best known graveyard is Highgate cemetery which is North of the centre (and on the tube line). If you google them you would get more detailed information.

Posted by gone
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hi, just an fyi, using the Tube in london is sooo sweet and easy imo/ime. its just one additional way to get around. happy trails.

Posted by Keith
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The Highgate Cemeteries, already mentioned, are probably the best known and are easy to get to, but Kensal Green Cemetery, which is central, is also worthwhile visiting. Both Highgate and Kensal are part of the "magnificent seven" cemeteries - you can find the full list on the web.

Posted by Nancy
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Old Brompton Cemetery is another of the Magnificent Seven. Lovely cemetery and very close to Earl's Court.

Posted by Shelley
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
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I had found Highgate but had wondered if there were more. Ok. will look into the others. Like you Cynthia, I also have a very long list of things to see and do but I'm hoping to have one day to do the "other stuff". :) Thank you all.

Posted by Sharon
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We visited Kensal Green and thought it was very worthwhile - totally beautiful headstones. Can't remember if we took the tube or bus to get there. We too like going to old cemeteries.

Posted by Kim
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Brompton is where Beatrix Potter got the names for many of her characters. If you look up the Wikipedia entry on London's Magnificent Seven cemeteries, you'll find a map.

Posted by JumpinBug
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Postman's does have headstones, but they're disintegrating, and can be hard to read. And hard to get at!