November in Great Britain - How to Dress

Hello Friends! My best friend and I (both in our late 20s) are heading to Northern Ireland and Great Britain next week for two weeks (November 11-25). We will be in Dublin, Edinburgh, York, Bath and London. We've been to Europe several times, but never to these locations. We've looked at the forecast, and it looks like it will generally be in the 40s during the day. We know it is wet often and I'm wondering, what kind of coat you would recommend. I generally wear a pea coat or a car coat, but have been wondering if I should invest in something more along the lines of LL Bean that might be waterproof or water resistant. I spent two weeks in France and Italy last December without something like this, but do not want to be unprepared! Thoughts or suggestions are appreciated! Natalie

Posted by Pamela
New York City, NY, USA
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If it were me, I would definitely have something water proof. You can use an umbrella, but if it is at all windy, you'll wish you had something. The climate chart that I saw said that it rained 22 out of 30 days. But bear in mind, that doesn't mean an all day rain. There are a lot of days in the UK where it rains and then brightens. I would recommend that you think about layers. Pam

Posted by Alan
Brighton, UK
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Natalie It might depend on what you plan to do but, assuming you plan to walk around a lot, I would certainly go for a waterproof if money allows. Climate change means the weather here is becoming even more unpredictable but we have been having a very wet autumn and it seems likely to continue. Living here in the UK I wear my waterproof about 10 months of the year! Have a good trip. Alan PS Northern Ireland is particularly wet. The local saying is that if you can't see the mountains it's raining and that if you can it's about to rain!

Posted by Brian
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We weasr black (fabric) raincoats and carry an umbrella (my wife also wears a colorful scarf on her head. the rainwear will undoubtedly come in handy, and black is dressy enough for nice restaurants and the theater. Be aware that your shoes and socks will get soaked at least a couple of times, so take a spare pair of shoes- dry socks and shoes make it bearable

Posted by Glenn
Grand Falls-Windsor, NL, Canada
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I was in Wales and England last November ( early Nov ) and agree that a waterproof jacket is a must. In terms of temps, most days we had in the 10-15C range ( about 50-60F ) as the highs. I don't think you'll need a winter jacket, but a decent fall weather jacket and lightweight sweater, coupled with a lightweight rain jacket, should be sufficient to give you plenty of options for whatever weather you experience. I took a fleece lined softshell jacket ( Columbia ), a lightweight wool sweater, and lightweight, waterproof and breathable rain jacket ( I have a LL Bean Stowaway ) and used them in various combinations as the weather dictated. Worked great for me and I was never cold or wet.

Posted by Angela
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Another idea is boots. Everyone in Europe is wearing them, like here, and they do keep you warm and prevent soggy pant legs! If I were going now, I'd take my low-heeled, tall leather boots with a coating of water-repellent spray. You may be able to find some with waterproofing capability that are also warm and sturdy. Wool socks are a must. The cold, damp pavement really chills your feet.

Posted by Maggie
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Since I just came in and am shaking the water off my raincoat, I have to say- yes, bring a waterproof! Umbrellas are cheap to buy here but as has already been mentioned, they're useless if it's windy too. I have a raincoat with a hood, waterproof shoes and gloves (also cheap to buy here). Cheap stores that are everywhere are Poundland and Primark. And dress in layers.
Have a great time! And Alan, I'm still chickling at that comment about the mountains.

Posted by Debbie
Delray Beach, FL, USA
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Being from Florida, we were fine wearing our long, lined all weather raincoats in London at the beginning of November when we visited in the past. I'm sure I had my gloves and scarf too and maybe my hat. However, one day it was freezing cold and raining hard at dusk and we were miserable. It was very cold, wet and dark and we were planning to walk...called for a ride instead.

Posted by Ed
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I just drug my tail in from Orkney and the Outer Hebs on Tuesday so I can leave for London tomorrow. I rinsed the mud off of a rain jacket and a synthetic fleece and tossed them back at the pack. End of clothes selection.