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Norway with my Rick Steves Book Pt 1

Since I always learn from others, I thought I would share info on my latest trip to Norway and Sweden (separate post). As usual, Rick gives good advice although sometimes it's not clear until after you've been there. I rented a car since Rick said it was do-able. This is the first time I rented a car in Europe and it went pretty well but I'm glad my Swedish-speaking study-abroad son was with me to help decipher some signs. There was snow on the mountains and some roads were just opened. I was there the last week of May. I avoided the crowds but they really didn't have much open and ferries were on limited schedules. Driving was easy and it was fun to pull over and gape at the beautiful scenery but there were lots of long tunnels and high bridges so I'm glad I'm not afraid like some friends or I would have never made it. I found Oslo difficult to drive in. Not just because traffic was bumper to bumper on main highway and not just at rush hour but the exits aren't really marked like ours. Street signs are small on the sides of buildings. It was stressful but we managed.

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