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Norway NSB train tickets online from US-Caution

Just wanted to share my experience ordering my Oslo_bergen tickets online on the website. The payment confirmation screen hung up in limbo after I entered the credit card details; I promptly called the +47 number to the NSB Call center and after a brief hold (5-10min), was helped by an operator who once again had a hiccup trying to process my VISA cc. Having already informed my issuing bank about the planned travel/purchase, this was a puzzle. When I called my bank, they swear that they have not placed a hold of any kind and the NSB folk claim that the credit card is declined. In a pickle for now. If we were making more trips, I would have bought the Rail Pass. The ultimate whammy was when I discovered that my prepaid international calling plan charged me a whopping $2.87 per minute!! (a nice $180 down the tubes on my calling card and no train tix to boot!) Apparently, the +4715 is some form of a special prefix. Hope some others have had an easier experience with ordering train tickets from from the USA.

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Hei- I had a tough time, too, as I could not complete the reservation online. But really the inconvenience was being on hold for 2 hours (4-5 separate times- card ran out of time, or I got frustrated from waiting), not outrageous charges, as my card is Costco MCI. I think it was 16 cents per min. How did you run up a $180. bill for 10 mins on hold? Patsy

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I used a landline based prepaid calling service (that had 30c/min to most numbers except a few prefixes which were $2.87/min !! I switched to Skype and the NSB number could not be called from Skype too (despite an European unlimited subscription/Skype credit). My suspicion is that this number is some kind of a pay to call number.