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Norway:minipris discount train tickets buy online?

I read that you can buy highly-discounted train tickets for travel in Norway online through the national rail website (

However, I can't seem to get an answer from their customer service on reserved seating. It appears that if you buy a minipris ticket, the seats are not reserved. Does that mean you are not guaranteed a seat on the train? Could I buy a supplement when I get to Norway to reserve a particular seat to go along with the minipris ticket?

Are there non-smoking compartments on Norwegian trains?

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I just purchased my tickets with NSB and was assigned a seat at the time of purchase using minipris.

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We have just returned from Norway & purchased our tickets online before leaving & were given allocated seats. The only journey we booked that didn't give allocated seats was from Myrdal to Flam. Reason is you can sit anywhere. No seats on that train are reserved. There are non smoking compartments.

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this is the response NSB sent me:
Thank you for contacting us. When you make an online reservation, you will automatically also get a seat. You will need to pick up the ticket by the station before entering the train.

We hope that this was helpful and thank you for choosing NSB.

Med vennlig hilsen/Kind regards
Helen Stensaker
NSB Marked og kommunikasjon

I used the website and it gave me seats. Like Deidre mentioned above, some trains have no reserved seats.

***Keep in mind, though, that minipris seats are NOT exchangable or refundable. If you miss your train, you'll have to pay full fare for your new train.