Norway-Best time to go?

We are planning a trip to Norway late August/Early September. Rick's Scandinavia book said that some attractions are closed in the shoulder season and airfare seems to drop in September. We want to get as much daylight as possible and still be able to see some sights. Any suggestions on the best time of year?

Posted by Dean
Renton, WA, USA
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Thanks! This is our first trip to Europe and we are visiting family in Norway and then do some more exploring in Europe

Posted by Tom
Lewiston, NY
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I visited Oslo September of last year and everything appeared to be open. There's still plenty of daylight during that time frame.

Posted by Laura
Virginia, USA
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If you are looking for the best time to go, then go in July. The days are long and you have the best chance of good weather. The downside is that July is when airfare is highest. In late August/early September you will find that hours for some sights are reduced and some ferries don't run as frequently. You also won't have the really long days (but you will still have more daylight than you would in Washington State at the same time of year). This is still a reasonable time to visit and as long as you plan accordingly, it shouldn't impact your trip. I've made two trips to Norway (one in July and one in early September). I preferred my July trip due to the fabulous weather. My September trip was colder and had more rain. However, you really can never predict the weather. You could have sunny weather.

Posted by Brad
Gainesville, VA
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We were there early August. I think sometime between the end of June (longest days) and end of August would be good. Earlier in that time frame gives you the most light but later is more reliably dry and nice.

Posted by Nicholas
Seattle, Washington, United States
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July or early August would be my vote. June can still be cold in Scandinavia and when fall hits in September, it tends to come on quickly.

Posted by Jeff
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Our family was in Oslo, Bergen and the Fjords in late August. Plenty of light and all attractions were still open. Come the beginning of September things start to close. Norway is a bad habit to have; EXPENSIVE beyond belief and you always can't wait till the next journey back.