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Non response booking request Kilkenny

We are traveling in May 2014, have tried book several times a B&B online in Kilkenny. I am getting no response to requests? I have tried three places. Anyone know why? Pat

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Could very well,be that they are closed. Some B&B's close for some winter months. Would not worry at all. Would wait a few months and try again. We actually never book ahead and have never had problems.

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I think Gail hit the nail on the head. For example the B&B where we stayed in Dingle closes from November - February or March every year. You should be fine waiting until March.

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When I was planning our trip to Ireland for last June, I found that replies to e-mailed requests were largely hit and miss. This is NOT a reflection on the quality and level of hospitality that you will find.

Given how inexpensive it is now to call Ireland, try the phone. We found it the best way to get a quick response from some of the smaller B&Bs that we tried.

BTW - I can very highly recommend the Dunromin B&B in Kilkenny. This is one of the ones that I booked by phone.

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You are trying to book way too early. I speak from experience here, since I did the same thing for my first trip to Ireland. I booked in November for an April trip. In between times, two of the six places lost our reservation in the changeover in their books at the end of the year. In one case, it was no problem - they still had room for our party of seven. In the other, they booked us into another B&B before we arrived to town (we found out about the problem when we called ahead while en route). Now I never book ahead at all.