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NetTen cell phone

Does anyone know about the NetTen cell phone and if it works in the UK?

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Check the frequency of the phone.

Cell phones in the US work at GSM 1900 or 850.
Cell phones in Europe work on GSM 900 or 1800.

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Kris, I'm not too familiar with the Net 10 phones or service plans, but from what I've seen these only offer Pay-As-You-Go plans in the U.S. On that basis, I suspect that international roaming is NOT going to be an option.

AFAIK, Net 10 is what's termed a VMNO - in other words, they don't own or operate a cell network but contract with an existing network such as Cingular or Verizon. I wasn't able to determine which cell networks Net 10 uses, so don't know if they use GSM phones, and which frequency bands the handsets are equipped with.

If you want a cell phone for travel you might look for unlocked quad band GSM phones on E-Bay, and then purchase a PAYG SIM in the U.K. (IMO your best bet is to go with O2 or Orange networks). The other option is to sign onto a contract plan with AT&T or T-Mobile, and using roaming.

Whichever Phone you decide on, ensure it's equipped with a "world" Charger.

Good luck and happy travels!!!

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Forget the cell phone rental racket and the sim card swapping.

Get a cingular or tmobile plan.

Travel anywhere in the world and your home number is with you.

It is free to activate international use. They block it inially to prevent theft and fraud.

Add the $5.99 discount plan to save 50-75% on calls when outside the US. You can take the plan off when you get back without penalty.

Just make sure not to take the free phone as those are only dual band and will not work overseas. For the extra $50 pick up the MOtorola Razr. It is a Quad Band and will work anywhere you could ever travel to.