Need tips on our Europen Travel

our family of 4 will be traveling to Europe-2 days in London then -thinking of taking the ferry to Le Havre ,France-stay there for 2 days then take the train to Paris- stay there for 2 days then take the train to Milan and from there stop in Venice,Florence,Rome,Tuscany and stay 5-6 days in Sicily- any tips will be greatly appreciated especially where to stay in london

Posted by JS
Bay Area
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Wow you will be running.Why not go straight to Italy as this is where you note most cities to visit.
your will have jet lag in London and won't see much w/ just 2 days it is a city like Paris not to be rushed. Schedule Paris and London for another trip. I have been to Paris and London many times and still spend minimum 5 days in each city ea visit they are spectacular.

Posted by Toni
Charlotte, NC, USA
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Consider lots more time in London. We have been there 40 times and still find lots of new things to do. We usually stay at the Victoria Thistle. It is right in Victoria Station. VERY convient. It is a 3 to 4 star hotel and worth the money. Lots of day trips out of London, too--- Windsor, Stratford Qpon Avon, York, Bath, Cardifff...... on and on. Our kids loved London too.

Posted by Brian
Richmond, VA, USA
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London was a last minute addition to our trip-we'll see what we can see there for either with the 2 or 3 days of stay there and hope to go back another time. We probably need more days in France too but we really want to concentrate in Italy- we'll be there for 20 days or so.thanks for the tips

Posted by BG
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Take the Eurostar train from London directly to Paris (or take a 45 minute flight across.) Skip the Le Harve ferry and 2 extra days there -- spend it in Paris instead. I agree you are doing a lot in short amount of time. You may want to slow down and savor a few places once you are there, play it more by ear if you can. But if you actually do keep to this relatively superficial schedule, you should come away with definite ideas about places you want to spend more time at in the future -- there will be several I assure you!

Posted by Paul n Sara
Newburyport, MA
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You have budgeted far too little time in far too many places. You will need a vacation from all that. Whirwinds can have high points but they seldom satisfy.
We would recommend that you stay in just 2 or 3 places but for longer periods.
As to where in London to stay, try Royal Court Apts in Bayswater (just north of Hyde Park) or Ambassadors Hotel off Gloucester Rd in Kensington.

Posted by Paul n Sara
Newburyport, MA
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We overlooked you biy about Le Havre. While this is a decent small city, it is definitely NOT worth 2 days.We assume you arrive in UK, thus your itinerary.
How about 3 days London, 3 Paris, then on to your Italian tour. We would advise fewer cities and more time in each. Milan is a waste, Verona is terrific (and only 90 mins from Venice),Rome is a must-see.

Posted by Donna
Las Cruces, NM, USA
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I agree with the previous posters. Focus on Italy if you want to spend as many as 6 days in Sicily. If you don't want to miss London and Paris, you could scale back to maybe 3 days in Sicily and spend more time in London and Paris. Just a thought...