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Need ideas to tempt my husband to travel to Great Britian

Hi all,
Sorry, this is a duplicate posting from the General Travel section, but thought I'd post the same query where all the British interest lies. I've traveled to Europe once, and Great Britain twice. I'm hooked, but haven't traveled there since 1999. I'm now married, and my husband has no interest in traveling abroad. I know I could coerce him somehow, but that would probably ruin the trip as it wouldn't be "his" idea (and that's not my style). I'd like him to fall in love with Britain (Scotland & England mostly) just as I have, thus paving the way for more trips in the future. Your first-hand recommendations/experiences are what I'm looking for. His interests are nautical, so anywhere along that line of interest would be appreciated, especially day-sailing tours, quaint fishing villages, B&B's, etc. He is also somewhat interested in horticulture, so any botanitcal/public gardens that are your favorites would also be nice to hear about. I would love to discover places where you can mingle with the locals, especially your favorite local pubs & restaurants. If you know of anywhere that a motorcycle could be rented for a day or two, that would be helpful to me in my quest. I would be looking at probably a 10-day trip when the time comes. PS: Please don't suggest that I travel by myself if he refuses. I've traveled there alone before, and while I didn't have any problem with that, and indeed enjoyed the freedom, I don't think I would enjoy it as much now if I couldn't share my love of Great Britain with him first-hand. Thanks a million for your help and guidance.

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Greenwich, just across the Thames from London, you'll find the National Maritime Museum, which is a wonderful place. Just up the hill is the Royal Observatory, which houses Harrison's marine timekeepers, which made accurate navigation possible in the late 1700s. Portsmouth, to the south, is home of HMS Victory, Lord Nelson's flagship.
Yorkshire, 120 miles north of London, is Captain Cook country. He was the greatest navigator/explorer in history. Check it out. The annual meeting of the Captain Cook Society meets in Marton, Oct. 12-13. There are many inspiring and beautiful sights on the coast, including Whitby, where Cook first learned to sail, and the birthplace of his sailing ships.

There's so much, your husband couldn't miss! If you need more info, I can respond privately. Have fun!

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Boat ride on the Thames to Kew Gardens; not to be missed.

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Diane - I know just where you are coming from. I have travelled to UK and Europe twice by myself. No interest from my husband. However, next March we are off as a couple. You are on the right track, the secret is to gear as much of the holiday to fit around their passions. That's why were are travelling the length and breadth of England by train (one of his great passions) and a promise of a day trip to the Imperial War Museum in Duxford, Cambridge.
We will have to compare notes next year!!! Good luck.

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Email the British Tourist Authority. Tell them specifically about your interests and they will send you info. There are quite a few places there especially noted for their gardens too. Also check out the British websites:;;; etc.

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Diane, my wife planned a trip to Britain to visit my daughter who was studying there and I was lukewarm at first. What ignited an interest for me was watching a rerun of Braveheart on TV and my Scottish heritage began calling like bagpipes thru the mist.. Perhaps you could find a movie that would spark an interest or even the history channel. If he likes naval history, Britania rules the waves. The story of Lord Nelson at Trafalgar is one subject I found fascinating. Or perhaps you could start buying him some English Ales (Newcastle is a good deal at Costco). My fondest memory of the trip is dinking Single Malt Whisky on a boat cruise on Loch Ness in the Scottish Highlands.

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A daytrip from London to Portsmouth would be ideal. The HMS Victory is there and is beautifully restored. You can board it and explore the ship. The HMS Warrior is also there (Victorian warship).

There is a museum dedicated to the Mary Rose which sank while Henry the VIII was king. And there is a harbor cruise/tour to take around the shipyard.

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If you are looking for sailing tours try the area of The Solent. This is the big sailing area in Britain. It is on the South coast around the area of Portsmouth and Southhampton. Also, look into Cornwall and Devon. They are very nautical counties with lovely fishing villages.
Like another person has said Portsmouth is a must for nautical lovers. Maybe get him interested in the Horatio Hornblower series and the Master and Commander film. This might peak his interest in visiting the place where these films were set.
Also, if he loves fish...there is nothing better than the English fish and chips (I know that sounds so cliche, but it is the husband loves them. LOL). Everything you said about him the nautical and the botanical interests, it sounds like he would LOVE England! Good luck.

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Diane, I have the same problem. My husband will go to London for a week but he needs a "reason" to go further afield. Luckily he likes Rolls Royce Motor Cars. I needed to call his attention to ANYthing I thought he might like. One year it was the Edinburgh Festival. Have you thought about spending part of your trip traveling on a canal boat? There are so many wonderful gardens. The Eden Project is very interesting and so are the Lost Gardens of Heligen and they are no so very far apart. Send for lots of brochures and start leaving them where he'll find them. Good luck.