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Need Edinburgh b&b or hotel with internet


I'm planning a trip for June '08 and going a bit screen-crazy viewing options for a place to stay. Per person it would be cheaper to go with someone, but all the family who thought, "a trip would be lovely," have backed off when I said, "Let's go!" So, I'm going solo and hoping to stay for 40-45 pounds sterling (approx. 80-90 $US, currently), or less, a night. I've considered hostels but think I need my own room, though willing to share a w/c, if it's not en-suite.

Perhaps it would help with price that my plans are thinking 5-7 nights. I'm in no hurry and will try day trips while having my "home camp" in Edinburgh. One other thing, I look at the gorgeous pictures of some b&b places and they almost scare me with the antiques; I start to wonder if I'll be scolded for touching the furniture.

Internet access is needed to keep up with school work (love those distance education classes!). Walking distance to Princes Street would be great (10 min.) or with a bus stop just outside. Now, I'm probably starting to ask too much, eh?

A simple, homey place to stay, reasonable cost, definitely internet, and convenient access to the sights. Do you have a recommendation?

Many thanks,

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You should take a look at Smart City Hostels in Edinburgh ( It's a new hostel located a block off the Royal Mile. It's centrally located on the Mile and everything's within easy walking distance (including Princes Street). The price is nice and they offer free internet. They've got tons of rooms, so the chance of getting a roommate might be slimmer than at smaller hostels. My 2 sisters & I were there for 4 nights in a 4 girl en suite room the last week of May & we didn't get any roommates even though the place seemed pretty busy. Hope this helps. Good luck & enjoy Edinburgh -- it's a great city!

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Unless you stay in a hotel, internet access is likely to be limited to a common computer(s), so you would only be able to use if for limited periods of times.

For under £45, you are probably looking at a B&B that is a bus ride from Princes St, and you'll probably be sharing facilities. I would suggest looking for places on either Minto St or on Gilmore Place, as both locations - especially Gilmore - are near lots of relatively inexpensive internet cafes.

The Univ. of Edinburgh also has good B&B facilities, which are near internet cafes:


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Hi Sarah, thanks for the recommendation. I don't know much about hostels, but the all-female rooms are a nice idea.

Looking around at some hostel web sites has me now thinking of doing a trip with Haggis Adventures, which uses hostels for the accomodations. I'm by myself; no one to nay-say what catches my fancy, lol.

Thanks, Kate, for the ideas and information. I'm rethinking the idea of taking my laptop and going "light" and instead make use of those internet cafes you mention for doing only the required minimum on online time in my classes.

Many thanks, again!