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Mosquitoes and other bugs in Ireland in June?

Are there mosquitoes, biting flies or other nasty bugs in Ireland in June? Need to know so that we can bring repellent, if needed.

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Ireland has no mosquitoes. In fact, I had to explain to an Irish friend exactly what a mosquito was when he visited here because he had never seen one. And they don't have screens on their windows, which should tell you something about whether they have annoying bugs of other kinds.

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Carole, There is a nasty little insect they call "midges" or midgets. It is not much bigger than a gnat and is most common in June,July and August and in areas out of the wind and sun,especially at dusk. The bite leaves a red welt that is like a small chigger bite. They congregate in swarms like gnats but do not seem to be in the towns but the countryside. Someone who lives there can give you more help than I can but I had a very unpleasant experience with then in Donegal last summer.

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They have what we call "No see ums" tiny little gnat that bites.

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Thanks for letting me know that we might encounter biting gnats/no-see-ums in Ireland. We live in the northern Midwest and are all too familiar with these insects. We'll pack some repellent. Thank you for the advice.