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Mini-coach Ireland for south-west

We don't want to drive in Ireland, what for us is the wrong side of the road, during the unavoidable and worst travel time of end July-August. I know, I know, it's the only way to see Ireland. Inroadsireland does not list for that time, so could I have suggestions for other companies? We're prepared to travel by local bus, train and limited mini-tours out of Galway and Dublin, but want to travel the Ring, Dingle, even the very south, with a small group.

What seemed like too far in advance to plan may not be. Any other splendiferous ideas? Aran worth an overnight? We have two weeks. Thank you.

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Thank you, Nancy. I notice you are helpful to many on this board. I regret not being able to see Ireland more leisurely and intimately, but high season is when we have to travel. Inroadsireland is a small coach company by someone who must have more lucrative gigs during the season. I haven't found mini-coach tours concentrating on the south and west, including Dingle, while we take day tours out of Galway and Dublin. We have those few more days than most have to spend places we choose to highlight, but are limited to packaged tours.

If there are factory tours or something must see I won't read about, please let me now while we're talking. Thanks.

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I don't know what inroadsireland is, so I'm not sure what kind of thing you are looking for. There are many bus companies that offer daytrips out of Dublin to Powerscourt, Wicklow, Glendalough, and Newgrange. The tourist information office at the airport has lots of information about those. There are also bus tours of the Ring of Kerry and Dingle (again, many options). Aside from a good guidebook or two, your best bet would be to check with the TI offices which are open in virtually every town during that time. Which of the Aran Islands are you interested in visiting?

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Marjorie, you might find lots of good information on transportation and Coach trips by checking Rick's Ireland guidebook (the 2008 edition will be available in a few days, on Dec. 4th).

I agree completely that it's probably not a good idea to drive, especially during "peak season". I recently returned from Ireland, and judging by the headlines, it's not the easiest place to drive (even for the Irish). There were numerous serious MVI's during the time I was there!

Has your group considered a guided tour? I took Rick's 14-day Ireland tour this year, and that's by far the easiest and most efficient method to see Ireland (and was a lot of fun)! Unfortunately, the July 13-26 tour is booked so you'd have to go on the "wait list" or choose another date.

Good luck with your plans!