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Metting at Heathrow Airport

My brother and I will be taking 2 different flights to Heathrow he on British Air, and me on American. Our flights get in about an hour apart, and we would like to meet up at the airport before we go to the hotel. Is there somewhere that is a good meeting place in, or around the airport? Any info would be appreciated

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There is a Transport for London (TFL) info booth where Terminals 1, 2, and 3 meet. This is a great place to meet because you can also get your Oyster cards/Tube tickets there!

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There is one common Tube station for the entire airport. If you use this method to reach downtown London, you can try meeting here.

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That's the problem AA arrives at terminal 3 BA arrives at terminal 4. I would suggest that whoever arrives first agrees to go to the other brothers arrival terminal and meet by the Avis car rental stand. It's one of the first stands you see at either T3 or T4 as you exit from customs.