Mary Gibbons Tour to Newgrange

Hello all! Has anyone used Mary Gibbons for tours to Newgrange? If so, did you like the tour? Also, I am having a hard time booking the tour as well. I have sent a few inquiries online with no response and am avoiding calling to avoid international phone call fees. Any suggestions would be great!

Posted by Jerry
Carrollton, Texas, USA
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Coby, I am not familiar with Mary Gibbons tours. I drove from Dublin to Newgrange. It's a relatively short and very easy drive. Straight north on the M1 towards Belfast. It's something like Exit 9. They have directions from Dublin with a map on their website. If you are going to during high tourist season, you will need to get there right at opening time to buy a ticket. You actually take a Newgrange tour bus from just across Boyne River from the visitor center to the actual site itself. Enjoy! It's amazing!

Posted by Coby
St. Louis, MO
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Thank you. Unfortunately I will have turned in my rental car when I plan to go to Dublin and that's why I'm looking for a tour or other service to see Newgrange.

Posted by Nancy
Bloomington, IL, USA
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Mary Gibbons Tours are one of the major tour companies that serve the Dublin area. I believe they have full and half-day tours, and also do tours to Powerscourt and Glendalough. I have not used their tours, but we have had a lot of people post here that they were pleased with them. You can always book them at the Tourist Information office in Dublin.

Posted by Laura
Williamstown, MA
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I've taken it twice (once alone, once with my spouse). She does a great job, although it's on the pricey side. One warning: while they will pick you up at your hotel, Mary flatly refused to do the same on the return (admittedly, we were staying on the outskirts of the main part of Dublin, but it would have been nicer had we known in advance). It's hard to book Newgrange on your own in the high season, since only a limited number are allowed in. A tour is the easiest way to ensure you get in. It may be that the tours aren't offered in the offseason? Or she's on vacation?

Posted by Bonnie
Boston, MA
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I went on the Mary Gibbons tour of the Hill of Tara and Newgrange and really enjoyed it - she shares a lot about the history of both places, along with commentary while driving through the countryside. I would definitely recommend it as good value for your money.

Posted by Coby
St. Louis, MO
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Thank you all for your responses! How did you all book your tour? I will be there mid March.