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Marrying in Scotland

Is anyone currently (or has recently) going through the process of obtaining visas to get married in Scotland? We just began the process and are finding it very frustrating, and quickly found out that there is crucial information that the websites simply don't give you.

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Don't know where you're planning on getting married, but have you thought of Gretna Green? I just pulled up their site and you need to allow at least 15 days (absolute bare minimum) for the paperwork to go through.
At the very least, they may be able to help you with the logistics or at least answer your questions!
Good Luck!!

Do a search for wedding in Scotland. If I remember correctly from articles I've seen, you may be better off using a wedding planner or check with a travel agent who specializes in Scotland.

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I know you said some of the websites are worthless, but did you find I noticed a link to weddings. I believe that this is the official site from the government.

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The official site for all UK visas, with all the directions and application forms is:

The general register's office in Scotland, which handles all weddings in Scotland, has the official info here:

I agree that you are best to go with one of the professional companies that can walk you through the process - especially now that that immigration laws are changing. Expect that you will need to apply in advance at a UK consulate or embassy, either in person or by mail (and have to send your passports and evidence that you will be getting married). You will also need to fulfill the requirements of registering etc. prior to the wedding in Scotland.

The visa is good for six months (might be three months now), so you can't apply too far in advance.

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and there is a link within the visitscotland site under laws and traditions to the general registry.

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My Fiance and I are getting married in Scotland this summer and we had the same trouble. The website is lousy for info. and when you actually go for your appointment to get your fingerprints and photo, they people WILL NOT give you any information. So,I'm assuming you are referring to the website and its lack of information in what it terms "travel documents" to mail to your local British Consulate after you have applied for your visa online. What those travel documents are (and we learned the hard way and nearly got denied): your actual passport (because they have to put the visa sticker in your passport),documented evidence that you are confirmed to be married in Scotland (emails with location of wedding, wedding planner, celebrant emails, airfare booking, etc.), proof that you are employed in the USA (paystubs), and your application paperwork printed after application with a photo of yourself. In retrospect, it might be worth calling the $3/min tel to be sure instead of being denied