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Manchester Airport Accommodations

Does anyone have any recommendations for a good B&B or hotel close to the Manchester Airport? We need a place to stay the night before our flight out. It would be nice to have a place close to a good pub or restaurant within walkng distance. Thanks - Bill

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Really, the airport is about a 20 Pound cab ride from downtown Manchester or a longer (40 minutes) train ride from downtown. Even if you were leaving at "0 dark 30" it's only about 20 minutes to the airport by cab, and staying downtown, you could have a fabulous dinner at Akbar's or go to Curry Mile, or any of the local ethnic spots for a very reasonable price, not even mentioning the pub-grub available.
There's not a whole lot of food choices in the immediate airport area. As far as hotels are concerned, they can range from 60 Pounds on up, however, I have stayed many times at the Hilton Deansgate or the Marriott for under 100 Pounds.

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Try using Trip Advisor...have had a lot of good luck with their recommendations. Years ago I stayed at a nearby hotel for a morning flight to the US, but can't remember the name of it. It was like a Holiday Inn and had transportation to the terminals. I think I found it by googling "Manchester Airport Hotels" or something like that. Should be easy enough to find on google. Good luck!

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Depends on your budget - have a look at ETROP GRANGE - it is one of the closest to the airport and VERY classy! Roger

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There are actually a few hotels on the airport grounds in Manchester; see airport's website map at: I've not stayed in any of these particular hotels. One time our international flight was cancelled they bussed us al the way into Manchester to some older, smelly hotel and it was an expensive cab ride back as I didn't want to wait for the bus again.

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we always stay in the premiere inn at manchester airport freight terminal it is five minutes drive to the airport and very reasonably priced and good food and bar easy to find you just follow the signs to manchester freight terminal if you are using trip adviser telephone the hotel direct to get a better deal as trip adviser take 15% of the booking fee